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About the Book

Waking in the dead of night, Charadin, the crown prince of Kyear, finds his sister missing and a servant dead. As he journeys into the dangerous Dark Forest to find his beloved sister, he is forced to accept the guidance of a volatile wanderer, Ayara, whose past and motives are both shrouded in mystery. As the pair embark on their journey, they find that the darkness runs much deeper than a kidnapped girl, and their parts to play are far more significant than simple rescuers. Ageless rulers, murderous Elementals, and forgotten forest dwellers will mark their path as they try to find the stolen princess, uncovering ancient secrets of the world they thought they knew.



What are others saying?

"The author masterfully crafts a fantastical world filled with engaging characters and a deep back story in the vein of Tolkien and Lewis. In a post-modern world full of shades of grey, the author gives a refreshing and much needed return to a story with a clear distinction between good and evil. I can't wait for this authors next work!"

"This is a spectacular book. As an English teacher for the past 16 years, I look for this type of novel to use with my students. It has a great blend of interest level and literary merit. Unlike so much contemporary literature that panders to society, this novel has a richness and depth to the story and characters. The author knows how to say just enough to the reader to allow the imagination to carry away. This young author shows great promise in the years to come. I look forward to following her work. Grab this book, a cup of coffee, and enjoy the adventures that you carry you away for the next day or two."

"The ideas in this book were so creative! Great characters, great story. The plot is obviously well thought out. It is definitely one of my new favorites. Can't wait for the sequel!"

"In short, "The Trees As They Grow" restored my faith in reading for fun. I can't remember the last time a book tapped my imagination like this one, much less a time when I anticipated the opportunity to read. Being a bit of a creative type myself, this book was seriously inspirational for me as it had my imagination running wild all day in ways that I honestly haven't experienced since I was very young. Many thanks to B.R. Sawrey for the epic adventures and inspiration. I'm very excited for the next book."
-A. Eagon

"Not only is this a book you cannot put down, it leaves absolutely nothing lacking. It is a fun, yet meaningful adventure full of characters who you will come to know and love. Don't hesitate, pick this one up now!"

"This fantastic fantasy incorporates all the makings of a classic: wondrous worlds, rich and colorful characters, suspenseful battles, forbidden romance, and an engaging storyline that will keep you reading well into the night! Masterfully written, Sawrey propels her reader into a rich tapestry of adventure, action, and passion that invites the imagination to soar, and leaves one wanting more. I eagerly await the author's next novel."
-Susie McD

"I found this book to be very gripping! The detailed way in which this book was written gives the world and characters of the story immense depth and personality, bringing them to life. There is much more to this book than that, with its deep underlying messages and themes, which make this story all the more enjoyable. I highly recomend it!"
-R.J. McNicol

"I was pretty impressed by this young author's creativity. Enjoyable adventure story leaving the reader looking forward to the next book. I also bought the book for an 8th grader to read, and she enjoyed it so much she read it twice and has given it to her younger sister to read. It has nothing offensive that you wouldn't want your kids to be reading. Plenty of action but also a story of loyalty, love, trust and some pretty interesting characters!! A tale of of good vs evil."

"A fascinating new fantasy author creating a new world full of delight, filled with surprises and unexpected turns. Recommended, enjoy your escape."
-JP's 2nd Kindle